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Giving Your Heart To Others
Started: October 29, 2012
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Who's Life Will You Change Today?

Donations are welcome and appreciated. Giving to the work of God's is a blessing not a burden and is instructed in Malachi 3:10. That we are to bring supply into the storehouse that their might be meat in God's house for the purpose of his work and he will provide for us as well. To see that God will open the windows of heaven and pour us out a blessing, a blessing overflowing that we cannot contain and that the overflow will be enough that we might be a blessing to others.

Since the fall of man God has ordained that the tithes and offerings be brought into the storehouse (church) for provision to support the church, the work of the Lord and those who give their lives to do that work. What are the blessings of an offering? That is the increase above the supply that covers your immediate needs. The 10 % tithe is to receive God's supernatural covering for your obedience and the blessing of helping God supply the needs of his people, the helping hand and education in his principles.

Additional offerings are to provide an increase according to what you give and to your level of faith in which you gave it. One of God's provision that many have not heard is that God tells us if we want to increase then we are to give 15% not 10% in our tithes. It works!

The work of the Lord touches the unreached, the hopeless, homeless, lost and hurting. God?s eyes roam to and fro, seeing every child, seeing every need and every deed. He has even numbered the very hairs of our heads. He sees who reaches out and those that choose to turn away.

The cross is the victorious authority of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is alive today, touching the lost and hurting each day with his love, his grace, his mercy and salvation. Bringing forth redemption and reconciliation with the Father, to restore what was lost in the garden of Eden.

We use pay pal for donations and are so grateful for the opportunity to serve God's people. The gracious blessings to reach the unreached, the lost and the hurting showing them the way back to the creator. We thank you for your generous gift that will healing a lost and hurting soul, bringing the knowledge of God's love and mercy and their invitation for redemption.

Thank you for your support of By His Spirit - Truth Guardian Ministries. For enabling us to touch someone who has a need, giving a helping hand that will transform their lives, heal their hurt and bring them home. Doesn't it feel good to give the devil a swift kick and see a life change!

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